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can i be added
can i be added?
can i be added
did you add me? *bawls uncontrolablylylylyly*
Hola, any more room on your friends list?...if so, add me=)
add me? <33
add me ? ;]
I was wondering where you went =( add me god I was so bummed out after all that time I spent looking for you ;)
add me please?
add me plz?
lets be friends?
please don't hurt me, i moved again but i promise to stay put this time. :)
<33 saha
hey gurl
its thugluvinmami
add my new name???
can i get added?
can I be added? =]

if your not going to use this name do you think you could delete me from it?

>> peas.
Hey ma. Can you add this name and delete the other one (psykologikal) ? My password is floating around so I had to get a new journal. Thanks girly. =)
Can you add me, please? I added you
Dani it's Jen, we use to talk on msn all the time a couple of years back...I think I might have already commented but anyway I want to know whats going on with you girl! ADD ME
Hey mama..May I be added?
Can I get added? I will add you back as well.
wuts up?? can ya add me?
love the layout, Can I be added? I added u
Seems like we got alot in common... add me back? x
this is former 'juicyest' add me brawd<3
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