19eighty (19eighty) wrote,

THANK YOU to everyone who commented on the last entry... I still need more opinions, so CLICK

The purpose of this post is to spread some early-christmas cheer:

YOU do love me... right? *puppy dog eyes*
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Nice list. Ashanti - concrete rose. I can't wait! Pity it comes out after christmas...where's the sense in that?
reply to the last post:

1: What do you think of it? i like both ;]
2. Which one do you prefer and why? i like the 2nd one better because it looks cleaner w/o the swirls
3: Would you wear this on a T-shirt? i would ;]
4: How can it be improved? the font for the jump off tv and the jumpoff could be change ;D

i need to make a wishlist, i want most of the stuff you got on there!
Dani, The graphic is mod def hot as hell!
I saw that you wanted Omar Tyree's Just Say No book..I have it, for about 2 yrs now, and its still brand new if you want it ill mail it to you let me know though <33
thanks hun :)
oo if you dont mind, i would like it please :D
i love ya and i don't even know ya! hehe ttyl
aww <33
oh course i love u woulndt love any one else more
*welcome*..........YEAH! (not that much tho..lmao, im playin girl)
i love you like a fat kid loves cake
lol u got them puppy eyes fa real :) pretty girl

addddddddd me n thx for commentin