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you are so cute!
thank you :)
dani is my girlfriend ;D...imma get back to you with what you sayin cuz i gotta study your lip movement cuz i really need that dollar lmao.
aww chris, you're too late for that dollar
dang girl you've gotten prettier. glad to see you're still holdin on to that hair too! cause you know you cut it, i kill you. the 5th one's my fave. have a nice day <3
I aint cut it cos I KNOW you would have something to say LOL
fuck i need some! i'm not bisexual, i'm straight like...a line. (god that was a crappy metaphor) but i'm so in love with your lips!!! all i really want for xmas are some lip injections...you lucky whore!
if you get some lip injections, imma slap you, you cannot come to london with ya lips lookin OVER big lol

Re: lip injections


12 years ago

you have lots of friends one here!!! can i steal some? hehehe
i have a nice ass!!! add me :)
your so pretty
thanks :)
come to NY so i can bang u ;)
when you buy my ticket :D


12 years ago

you are soooooo pretty. you got the nicest lips ;x
thank ya :)
awww ur sooo pretty!!! I luv ur hair <3. Dem videos wuz cute and oooh oooh I know wutchu said! u said ershem hoff plabius morphus! lmao <333.
LMAO @ what you think I said
Aww ! Look how pretty you are ! *jealous* lol.
you're pretty yourself!
"who am i, who are you"
Brandon, you win $1. How would u like that? Paypal?


12 years ago

you look very pretty!!!
you are sooooooo pretty. you got a nice smile/
aw! You have a real cheesy smile! I ment that in a good way!
awww cute pics!! u have a cute smile
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww you lookin so adorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrableee beeautiful girl!!!!!!!
dani you are so pretty girl.<3
you have such a cute smile ma. and your pretty.
You are really hawt!!!
WOW you look good gurlie!
isn't my userpic the shizzle!?
aww miss pout (?) lips you look cute
oweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dani sooo sexy
get on msn!!!!
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