19eighty (19eighty) wrote,

I haven't done this before...
Ask me ANY question you want, and I'll be 100% honest with my answers =\
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why did i thought about something sex-related right away? lol
but eehmm.....i aint got something to ask (yet?), maybe later after reading some other comments..... =)
lmao=) i thought the same thing right away too


13 years ago

What turns you on?
if you could go back to a certain age, what age would it be?

and can i be added?
added <3
add me bk
with all the drama going on would you ever visit the states?
are you jamaican? if so, what part are you from? if not, whats your nationality?
What was the scariest part of your life
ever make out with a girl?
if yes, did u like it?
if no, would u do it?

what's your favorite color?
what's your favorite reggae song?
do you think i'm sexy? lol i had to throw that in there
do u love me?
why are you so cute?
do you have an english accent? <33
if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
what part of london are you from?
how tall r u?
Wuz ya fave cartoon?
Showers or baths?
Wouldchu eva cut ur hair?

she better not cut her hair!
she dont want me to come to london and beat her ass! :P
are you the only child?
what is your nationality?
what is your is your darkest fear?
what is you weakness?
what do you aspire to be?
where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
are you an open-minded person?
what can you live with and/or live without?
what high school did u go to
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