19eighty (19eighty) wrote,

Continuing from the last post: he asked me to come downstairs, and I said no cos I wasn't decent. He wouldn' wait 10 minutes for me to sort myself out, so he went.

ANYWAY!! I want to build my portfolio up, so if you want flyers, leaflets, banners, or nearly any kind of graphic done... oh yea, may I add, for FREE (limited time only), then email me, or leave a comment :)

Ya see how nice I am 0=)
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well, he sucks for not waiting. lol

yayyyyyyyyyyy for free?
hmmmm what do i want?
a cute header will do just fine.
the colors dont matter. 680x120 thanks<33333
yeaaaa i want a few done :) x 100
ooh make me a livejournal banner!
i was thinkin about asking you this the other day on msn, but wasnt sure you did this for free so.....can i have one? or a few? lol
details on msn okay?? ;)
I want something. It can be anything, colors and size doesnt matter. A banner, or some type of graphic I can use as the background on my lj. Thanks Danni.
aww <33 i want you to make me anything that says Mistuh Chris!
Hey i want a header for my LJ. I want one of T.I and have urban legend written somewhere on it... think you can do mine?
i have no idea where i'll put it, but a graphic that says "miss krisha" (or ms. krisha...LOL) would be GREAT!
my favorite color is blue, by the way.
uh miss thang hook me up i always did want something made by you *shades*
ooo MEMEMEME!!!11

black & white.. w/ pitbulls & rappers & thangs on it :D
kay i want......lol i wanna join in apart of this haha...when i get my site up ill do sumthin free...fewww things tho to get me started, i see you got alot of workkkk to do lol...you know we love free stuff
hey chick!!! i am mad that he didn't wait at least for 10 minutes it's not like you saying a hour. ....

let me join the rest i want something done .... it doesn't matter to me lol i am happy with anything ... :)
wow! what an interesting life you have and i just love your accent!!! btw, i hope you done kicking that bitches ass who ain't give you back your shit. i can't stand people like that.

so ummm what happened to ryan? was that his name? reading your posts makes me feel like i'm living your life, because mine's is so damn boring.

btw i'll be in london in the summer, we should meet up!
i'm saha btw....ttyl!
in your latest entry, but anyway, I know what you mean by the car speakin' to you, lmaO. Really, I'm not materialistic, but when I see a guy drivin' around in something like that with nice kicks, a nice fitted, or just whatever, it just captivates me! lmaO, and WHAT is up with people from your past comin' back to haunt you!?
oo oo since i dont have psp, if i send u some pics of me, would u make a banner out of it so i can put on lj? i'd love u forever ..
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