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West Indian Queen

25 May
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  • 19eighty@livejournal.com

The name 19eighty is taken from the song by Estelle.
Her name remains anonymous to those who are not on her friend's list.

This eighteen-year-old coolie girl was born and raised in Notting Hill, London, United Kingdom. She has always been shy, but within the last year has come out of her shell to reveal a talented, beautiful young woman with aspirations.

19eighty is the only child of her mother's, but her father's third, because he's a ho. She stands tall at 5'7, with her OVER THICK frame. Her eyes are similar to those of dark pools of chocolate, her hair is of mid-back length, and her lips make guys go crazy.

She is currently studying BA Business Management, but her current aspiration is to be a graphic designer. 19eighty has been designing for under three years, and is currently working with J.ump Off.

Her closest friends consist of people who have 'flair' and like to have fun, as she likes to be around people with qualities she lacks.

She is currently single, as she is yet to find someone on the same level as her. Her past relationships have been incongruent with her needs. 19eighty says: 'guys around here don't want to be in a relationship, don't want to call what they have with you a relationship, but yet they wanna fuck you and question you when you have other guys numbers in your phone. Whats up with that?'

19eighty is multi-talented. As well as excelling through one of the worst secondary schools in West London, through college and reaching university, she is a talented writer. Her preference is erotica, reflecting on her personal experiences. She is an amateur photographer, and an aspiring economist.

19eighty leaves you with this message:
'Martin Lawrence is my ho, so please back off, thank you for your co-operation'